OctoSuite – MY TAKE on this Internet Marketing program

Website: octosuite.com          OctoSuiteECover                                            Owner: Luke Maguire& Simon Harries                                         Business Type: management, mass automation & engagement tool                                                                                         Price: 19$/year LITE EDITION, 39$/one time OCEAN EDITION, 29$/year BASIC EDITION + upsells: $37-$47 Syndicate out to external networks ( $37 for 5 Acconuts), $37 Vip training on using this to monetize, $47 Affiliate link cloaker+ image editor combo, $197-$247: PLR rights for 10 accounts


What is Octosuite?

This is a software by Luke Maguire Continue reading

Why I love affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing, a grateful business model

gratefulOut of all business models that are out there on making money on the internet for me this is the best one.

Because you don’t have to hassle about what products to sell (on Clickbank they offer a thing called gravity which measures what products are popular and selling) , where to store them, shipping, marketing and all that stuff, what is also important, Continue reading

Ebay to Amazon Guide pdf- My Take on this product


Websiteprovenamazoncourse.com                      Owners: Simon Charlton, Jim Cochrum                             Business Type: how to source products on Ebay to sell them profitably on Amazon guide book                       Price: 39$




What is Ebay to Amazon Guide?

This is a little pdf guide book that consists of 39 pages detailing how to find profitable Continue reading

GetPaid.social- how much is your time worth?

getpaid Websitegetpaid.social                         Owner: Jeff Long                                Business Type: get paid on performing  tasks online                                              Price: free (starting), (premium) 27$ monthly, 97$ annually, 197$ one time life membership payment



What is GetPaid.social?

GetPaid.social is a platform launched on November 10. 2015. where members earn money by doing certain simple tasks online like: Continue reading


The reason why you are the cause of your success or a failure.

Do you know why there is no product out there that will do the work for you with you just needing to push a button for the money to start rolling in. Becaudownloadse of your mindset and attitude or if you want to go into more simpler terms, the belief.

Belief is the engine that drives our Continue reading

Build my List – my take on this product in the IM industry.


Websitebuildmylist.com                                                                                              Owner: Jimmy Kim                                                                                                               Business Type: Email List building training course                                                           Price: 49$ + 98$ (copy and paste profits), 97$ (BML Elite)upsells


What is Build My List?

This is an internet marketing course by Jimmy Kim build-my-list-members-area-screen-shot-1024x650that teaches how to build email lists of people interested into the niche for which we then will promote suitable products as Continue reading

Why MLM’s don’t work.

Errors of MLM’s

For many people MLM is their first online business experience. when it comes to making money online. Sounds simple right? Make recurring income by promoting an online making money scheme where people make an online income by promoting the same product to others. A huge number of people fail when it comes to the MLM industry and end up disappointed disappointmentwith empty wallets while only few people Continue reading